Broker Carrier Agreement Canada

These terms and conditions between Traffic Tech, Inc. and the airlines (“rules”) apply to all shipments of goods (“goods”) for which Traffic Tech, Inc. (“Traffic Tech”) purchases the services of a carrier or carrier (“carrier”). Click on the link below to access the Brokerage Carrier Agreement 9. Car letters and other Carrier shipping documents must establish a bill of lading for each batch and provide Traffic Tech with proof of acceptance and delivery of each batch. This bill of lading must indicate the nature, quantity and condition of the goods by the carrier in apparent good condition, unless these goods are not easily observable (content and status of the contents of the unknown package) or as indicated differently on the list of goods. The terms of a bill of lading or other cargo document used by the airline or its subcontractors do not supplement, modify or change these rules. Where Traffic Tech is wrongly identified as a “support” on a bill of lading or other document on the place of origin or during transit, such a designation does not alter or alter the relationship between Traffic Tech and the carrier in accordance with these rules, nor does Traffic Tech`s role as a transportation provider or broker. The carrier is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCSA) as a common motor carrier, motor contract carrier or transport carrier.

Carrier recognizes that Traffic Tech and shippers, shippers, actual beneficiaries and other parties seeking services (“Customers”) have entered into agreements, either through the execution of written contracts or through the inclusion of Traffic Tech rates. To the extent that these contracts and/or fares infringe the rights and obligations of the carrier, the airline is bound by these contracts and fares. Traffic Tech will provide the carrier with all terms and conditions applicable to the carrier`s written request. The airline cannot communicate, under contract or interline a shipment without the prior written authorization of Traffic Tech. If Carrier does so without Traffic Tech`s authority, neither the carrier nor the service provider can charge Traffic Tech or its customers for such services. In addition, regardless of the fact that Carrier has Traffic Tech`s prior written authorization for brokers, subcontractors or Interline, the airline remains responsible and responsible, as if Carrier were providing the services itself as a self-carrier. 1. Traffic Tech as a Carrier broker recognizes that Traffic Tech is a fully registered transportation agent as a transportation service provider to the Quebec Transportation Commission under the number 8-M-30317-i and as a broker with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) under the number MC256862.

Traffic Tech is not a carrier or carrier and is only responsible for the organization of transportation and related services of goods, not for the performance of transportation or related services. These terms and conditions of sale (“AGB” or “Agreement”) apply to services provided by an air carrier (“CARRIER”) and provided on behalf of Precision Specialized Inc.