Termination Of Lease Agreement By Tenant Philippines

Hello evryone! In the Christian, rented to mezza residence for 1 year. also in a free spear broker in the same condo. Now I have the coz problem I was banned by the owners of the Mezza association because of a false accusation from one of the owners. the charges to me was that I did not transfer a payment from one of our tenants (but the tenant paid me only a month) instead of confirming how much the tenant paid me the landlord decided to ban me forever. they did a meeting for me to defend myself, but we were not able to participate for emergency reasons. Now I can`t get into the rental unit. I felt very helpless in the face of my situation. the owners have decided to ban me in this apartment from a false accusation that the client admits that she only pays me one month and she will give the rest on May 20. Pls Mail me, if you have a proposal to help me in my situation.

Thanks in advance, guys! My landlord told me that my one-year lease was almost finished, but I rented for over a year. And he didn`t give me a copy of the original contract. There is something I can do, because I have to stay until I find another apartment. (3) Maintain the tenant in a peaceful and reasonable enjoyment of the tenancy agreement for the duration of the contract. (1554 bis) With respect to ornamental costs, the tenant is not entitled to a refund, but may withdraw the ornamental items, unless no damage has been caused to the principal and the lessor does not keep them by ending in value at the time of the lease. n) The termination clause in the tenancy agreement should indicate the consequences of the cause of the termination. The contract may indicate that the landlord collects invoices and unpaid damages from the tenant and causes the pre-rent and deposit to expire. As a general rule, unpaid bills and damages are satisfied first by the deposit and then by all other remaining advances.

The contract may indicate that the owner may still default. At the bottom of the market, contracts are usually oral. Under the act, the lessor may, in these circumstances, designate a tenant under section 1658 below. The tenant may suspend the payment of the rent if the landlord has not received the necessary repairs or if the tenant has a peaceful and reasonable enjoyment of the rented property. (n) We are a new tenant is going on in only 2 weeks my new landlord – I agreed for a deposit 1 month 1 month before and when I gave it to her, she gave a good receipt and advised us to move whenever we wanted (she already gave us the key to the house), while she was preparing for our lease. In the verbal agreement, we first agreed all repairs such as door lock, electrical wiring (switches that don`t work), roof leaks (all over the entire kitchen, living room and bedroom, it`s a total mess) and house paints to deduct it in our monthly rent. We do all the repairs (because the condition of the house is not worth living), but due to its location we decide to know that we can solve it, but after our transfer, when our owner visited the place they look amazed with the changes and after a few days on our 12th day, it serves us with the contract of only six months for them need the space and an additional prepayment of 1 month at our 2 mos deposit, because they recognize that there are normal advance fees and indicated in the contract are not used for monthly rents or is not for an additional 2 months as notice to evacuate the place.